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LES HALLES D'AOSTE – lo martchà valdotèn - is a multifunctional area of 180,000 square meter hosting 50 different businesses, with the availability of 2,000 parking spaces of which 370 are covered, with over 2 million visitors all years. After the partial reorganization and rationalization works and the realization of an integrated innovative and communication system which high performances, the area is today able to offer new potentials and opportunities.
The overall reorganization of LES HALLES D'AOSTE - lo martchà valdotèn -, has obtained as first result the integration of the present businesses and the unification of the offer for those coming from the motorway and the ordinary roads and, with its further implementation, it will soon be able to allow the area to express its full potentials.

Spaces available for rent

Commercial Gallery...

Commercial Gallery...Inside the building called Modulo di Raccordo of the Shopping Gallery there are spaces still available to be leased. The bright spaces are easily accessible from the wide parking next to them. The space available offer different possibilities of adaptation.


Craft Shops Gallery

Craft Shops GalleryInside the building Serpentone 2° stralcio there is the Craft Shops Gallery with some spaces still available. The places are located in a stretch of space well visible from the Hypermarket. They offer craftsmen the possibility of settlement.


Who we are

Les Halles d'Aoste – lo martchà valdotèn is today a strategic and commercially attractive reality. A multifunctional mall, with 50 businesses, visited in 2009 by more than one million people. It can be reached directly from the motorway too, offering customers and visitors 2000 parking spaces of which 370 are covered.


Why settling...

Settling in Les Halles d'Aoste area - lo martchà valdotèn in the district of Autoporto Pollein has become a unique opportunity in the commercial scenery of the Valle d’Aosta.


Where we are

With the new logo Les Halles d'Aoste - lo martchà valdotèn, the former customs inspection area for transport vehicles, is now well identifiable and visible from those coming from the motorway and from the nearby Aosta, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta.


Operating companies...

Les Halles d'Aoste – lo martchà valdotèn is a real combination of industrial, commercial and craft activities, as well as offices of public utilities such as Customs, post office, financial and banking offices.


Services available

Les Halles d'Aoste - lo martchà valdotèn offers tourists, the simple visitors, citizens and the haulier all the services and activities necessary for the fulfillment of functional needs, practices or just as a window to look at and for reception.


Experimental photovoltaic and mini wind plants and LED lights

Pilot projects to test different technologies in the thin film photovoltaic and mini wind plants sector and of two innovative lighting systems bearing LED lights.


Realization in compliance with the Convention ICE/Regione Valle d'Aosta,
pursuant to the Programme Agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development

AUTOPORTO VALLE D'AOSTA S.p.A. - Loc. Autoporto 33/e - 11020 Pollein (AO)
Authorized capital: € 31.270.000,00 i.v.; C.F. - P.IVA - R.I.: 00040450074 - R.E.A.: AO-31743 
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